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The Crew

Anthony Marco
Born and raised in the shadow of Tim Horton’s Donut shops in The Hammer, Anthony has been plying his craft of wordsmithing and songwriting and waxing idiotic about the most insane things for several interminable years. His efforts at lovehatethings, while noble in gesture, have unfortunately made his ego as unmanageable as Todd Bridges’ career – ZING! – oh, too soon? He hopes that the calming influence of Mike Vardy’s Eventualist mantras will talk him down from the incessant ranting and raving and griping and sniping and…

Mike Vardy
Mike is a writer, speaker, humourist, and “productivityist.” Much of Mike’s comedic work can be found at Eventualism, a Stephen Colbert-esque take on the productivity landscape. As a result of his humourous take on productivity and lifehacking, Mike has become a regular contributor to the GTD Times — and he has been published elsewhere online and in print magazines. His other creative efforts can be found by following the virtual bread crumbs he has left behind at his personal website, Vardy.me. When not doing that other stuff, Mike spends his time stay-at-home fathering his two children and as the Canada + Apps Editor at The Next Web.

Andrew Currie
I used to be a satirist at The Second City and on Canadian TV. Then I decided that sugar-coating things wasn’t getting the message out. So I started a blog called Open attitude. I still work the comedy beat from time to time — I’m currently directing Asiansploitation in Toronto.

Shane Birley
Wait for it…

Ryan Wiseman
Also wait for it…

The Dyscultured Universe
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