#dys153 tweetscrape for 09/27/11.

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I wonder which one of the big three telcos commissioned this?http://t.co/KgGPj47I #dys153

5 minutes ago


RT @rabbleca: Canada’s new role as tax haven for the richhttp://t.co/1PSASjCA #dys153 #pewpew

about 4 hours ago


RT @TheNextWeb: AnyBeat – the social network that doesn’t even want your real name http://t.co/XmGntwPc by @thatdrew #dys153 #pewpew

about 11 hours ago


RT @fastcompany: I Heart Jellyfish: The iPhone Game That Rewards You For A Healthy Heartbeat http://t.co/5wAMimlf #dys153 #pew ew

about 11 hours ago


RT @tuaw_rss: Mashable: Facebook to unveil iPad app at iPhone 5 event http://t.co/CJxoIChT #dys153 #appleappleapple

about 11 hours ago


RT @BoingBoing: Doritos inventor cashes in his chips at age 97http://t.co/x4YSC8GX #dys153 #pewpew

about 11 hours ago


RT @TheNextWeb: “I’m appalled” – Spotify users swarm GetSatisfaction over Facebook requirement http://t.co/dkKoeS9y #dys153

about 21 hours ago


@victriviaqueen Funny, cuz we also blame them for lack of content on Netflix. #dys153 ^MV

4 days ago


Woot! Woot! RT @decencylegion: #dys153 Canada takes the first step toward a la carte TV. YAY! http://t.co/eh5UwGXw

4 days ago


#dys153 Canada takes the first step toward a la carte TV. YAY!http://t.co/bMqMlA0G

4 days ago


@Dyscultured Netflix blames Canada for Qwikster. HA!http://ow.ly/6D1Kh #dys153 (via @janniaragon)

4 days ago

via hashtags.org

New ep records live tomorrow night — and yes, I’m back!


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Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?
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