#dys145 tweetscrape for 08/03/11.

User Message/Tweet When

This shit be getting serious #cybercrime (#dys145?) “Hacking scheme targets included Canada, WADA” – http://j.mp/pvC0dH

about 1 hour ago


Will be live streaming the @dyscultured show 2nite with @mixlr likely keep the ustream up as a backup… or for any1 how likes ads #dys145

about 2 hours ago


RT @Dyscultured: Angry Birds, the bra…? http://j.mp/pmXagb #dys145 #pewpew ^AC

about 3 hours ago


Angry Birds, the bra…? http://j.mp/pmXagb #dys145 #pewpew ^AC

about 3 hours ago


Is @anonops on Twitter recruiting? http://ur1.ca/4ufsb #dys145

about 3 hours ago


What Does a Gigabyte Cost, Revisitedhttp://www.michaelgeist.ca/content/view/5952/125/ #dys145

about 3 hours ago


Like that was gonna work #dys145 #pewpew “[UK] Government scraps plan to block illegal filesharing websites” – http://j.mp/otFYi4

about 3 hours ago


It’s #BB7FanNight, celebrating RIM’s “largest global launch ever”:http://ur1.ca/4ufjy I’ll have the poop for #dys145; will be late, though.

about 4 hours ago


“Hobo codes”. | picturephoning.com http://ur1.ca/4ufid via @textually#dys145

about 4 hours ago


RT @Openattitude: Why SMS is the most important information service in the world. | The Atlantic http://ur1.ca/4u9th via @textually on Twitter #dys145

about 13 hours ago


William Shatner Vs. Canada: How The Government Delayed Funding His Documentary | http://bit.ly/oJYoqg #dys145

about 15 hours ago

via hashtags.org

Will try to scrape one more time before #dys145 records live tonight at 6:30pm PT / 9:30pm ET, right here


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Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?
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