#dys145 tweetscrape for 08/02/11.

User Message/Tweet When

Wow! | #LiFi #WiFi #dys145 http://t.co/5zXu6Z8

about 3 hours ago


WOW that’s huge RT @anthonymarco: WiFi 802.22 can cover 12,000 square miles | TekGoblin http://bit.ly/nvnma0 #dys145

about 22 hours ago


WiFi 802.22 can cover 12,000 square miles | TekGoblinhttp://bit.ly/nvnma0 #dys145

about 22 hours ago


Tapping texters on the shoulder at the movies? That’s assault.http://t.co/kWk6XNy #dys145 #pewpew

1 day ago


Gawker user accounts hacked, again. | Neowin.net http://is.gd/mREJpU#dys145

1 day ago


#Canada’s upstart carriers capture 25% of new subs in 2010. | CTV Newshttp://is.gd/VEoxNl #dys145

1 day ago


First robot suicide? – Foxconn to replace workers with 1 million robots in 3 years http://bit.ly/nkBvbF #dys145

via hashtags.org

Hmm, slow news day.

No matter, my fellow blowhards and I will have no trouble filling 90 minutes or so with our collective genius — when #dys145 records live tomorrow night, that is…


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Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?
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