#dys145 tweetscrape for 07/29/11.

User Message/Tweet When

Um, yeah, not cool #Microsoft… #maps #privacy #wireless #dys145http://bit.ly/q8V1bs

about 1 hour ago


RT @OpenMedia_ca RT @Wammy70: #Bell Canada rated worst DSL provider in all of North America. http://bit.ly/fBKca #ubb #crtc #dys145

about 11 hours ago


Why I Stopped Pirating http://post.ly/2flPJ #dys145 #movies #music #piracy

about 11 hours ago


Most useless Twitter study ever. http://t.co/49OE938 #dys145

about 17 hours ago

via hashtags.org

To submit a story for next week’s show, just tweet a link with the hashtag #dys145 — it’s ever so easy…


About Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?
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