#dys144 tweetscrape for 07/25/11.

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@anthonymarco @mikevardy @shanebee #dys144 please, or it doesn’t exist… cc @Dyscultured

44 minutes ago


So sad that such a great talent has left us — of course I’m talking about the creator of Hot Wheels… http://aol.it/oejrgn #dys144 ^AC

about 1 hour ago


o_0 RT @KJThinks: Jack Layton is trending worldwide. #dys144

about 2 hours ago


Zomg, Rogers offers FREE MOBILE DATA… to receive spam from Rogers. http://j.mp/ndBnl9 via @mobilesyrup #dys144 #pewpew

about 3 hours ago


RT @Openattitude: Mac vs. Linux users on change. | My #Linux rig http://is.gd/5BJyVU via @bdogg64 #dys144

about 3 hours ago


Mac vs. Linux users on change. | My #Linux rig http://is.gd/5BJyVU via@bdogg64 #dys144

about 3 hours ago


@rantmehard Yo @shanebee, if you’d rather you can just tag tweets with #dys144 and I’ll post ’em here with my soon-t… http://post.ly/2cyRy

about 4 hours ago


RT @JeffGignac Great, more hate from the #appleappleapple fanboys for #dys144 (ftfy). RIM to cut 2,000 jobs. http://bit.ly/q6k9Lj

about 7 hours ago


Hugo Chavez runs Venezuela from hospital bed, using Twitter?http://ur1.ca/4s0g2 #dys144 #khakipants #pewpew

1 day ago

Episode 144 is but two days away, recording live this Wednesday, July 27th, right here. Don’t miss it!


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Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?
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