Episode 141 – The Opposite of Awesome


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This week, we had Jonothan Narvey on as a special guest host to take part in the dyscourse. Less lnikage, but lots o’ dyscussion off the top.

A Little Off The Top

  • Thoughts on Facebook Video Chat (or whatever it’s flipping called…)
  • Thoughts on Google+ (since only 2 of us can give impressions of it…)

Pop Cultured

  • Proof that people will see crap, especially Mike.

Socialized Media


Pew Pew!


  • This week our accolades go out to Jim Henshaw, deciated listner to the live stream. All of the stuff that he does can be found here. So start with finding, folks!



  • Something to say? Leave a comment below.
  • Tweeps and Identicans can hash a tweet/dent with the tag #dyscuss141.
  • Or come hang in our irc channel anytime — #dyscultured at zeronode.irc.net.

Up Next

  • We’re back next week with everyone but Currie again…but we may just have another special guest host to whet your ears.
  • To submit story ideas for next week’s show use the hashtag #dys142.

About Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?
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