Episode 140 – Dinner with Dyscultured

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No real show notes this episode as we ate dinner and mainly talked PAB2011. So, basically it’s a whole ton of us (along with “producineer” Ryan Wiseman), bus noise, special guests and Pew-Pews…

Pew Pew!

  • Here’s where we ate.
  • Valerie Hunter swung by and talked to us right after our food arrived.
  • We discussed all things PAB…and we’ll do a further discussion next week.
  • Family came up. It got kinda weird.
  • The keynote came up. Which is also kinda weird cuz it should’ve come first by definition.
  • Each of us discussed what our favourite PAB sessions were.
  • Adam Gratrix and Damien Ragubance (of “I’m Done with this Podcast”) weighed in on the conversation. They also ate.
  • Other randomness came up. (Other than the topic of focus, that is.)



  • We’re on a boat, muthafucka’s!


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Up Next

  • We’re back live next week as Andrew takes a hiatus for his upcoming Asian stage run…whatever that means.
  • To submit story ideas for next week’s show use the hashtag #dys141.

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